Monday, May 22, 2017

Four Fictional Characters Tag

Ruth tagged me with the Four Fictional Characters Tag. Thank you, Ruth!

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe you relate to them.
3. Tag a few other blog people.

 Well, I did number one. On to number two!

The characters that I relate to:

Molly Gibson. I am not a lot like her, I do not share her love for bees-nests (if that is the correct way of spelling it), nor her quietness, but as for the rest, I can relate to her.
(She can get angry at subjects I would get angry about too.)

Jane Eyre. Again not very much, only a little that I relate to her. I like her because she is independent. Which I am not so very much, I would be terrified there in that old house.
But she knows how she feels and thinks and believes about certain things, and I do too. I don't know if that makes any sense. :D And she stands up for herself, which I would do too, in certain situations.

Catherine Morland. She has a huge imagination and likes to read books. Basically me. Although I would not read the sort of books she read, but on the other hand, I might, if I had lived in the time she lived.

Maria. Well, first of all, I do not play the guitar, nor do I have short hair, and I don't sing either (at all, even though I wish I could). But there is something about her that I can relate to, her way of looking at life, cheerfull, eager to begin a new life, yet scared at the same time, always doing other things, (singing while she should be at the abbey, reading while I should do my studying).

I am only young and have not had a lot of experience all the above characters have had, but at some points these four are the ones I relate to the most. I would say Catherine is most like me, then Maria, then Molly, and then Jane (very little in common with her).
Well, that was fun!

I haven't been around blogging for these past weeks, but I have been busy with exams. And that was a very busy time.

I really enjoyed doing this! And as for tagging other bloggers, there are probably a lot of bloggers who have allready done this tag, so I'll just tag Everyone Who hasn't done this Tag yet.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wives and Daughters - A review

This copy. I really want this copy. It's blue, it has sketch-like things on it (dragonflies, especially the dragonflies) and of course the story in it is really worth reading.

So I read Wives and Daughters. Well, technically I am still reading, but since I am nearly finished (sadly) and since I couldn't wait to write about it, I am writing about it now.

Wives and Daughters is about the young Molly Gibson, living in the little English town Hollingford, somewhere around 1830. When her father remarries, a new sister enters her quiet life - the cheerful, amiable Cynthia. Her coming actually changes everything for Molly and the way she lived untill then, because Cynthia is not only different, she also brings trouble. Yet the two girls become friends immediately, and the story follows them growing up.

Why I like it - 

- Molly is a little like me, as I found out. Of course she and I are different, I am much and much less quiet for instance, but I quite recognised some stuff of her in me. I never had that with any book before.
- It's set in the 1800's. Need I say more? It's my favourite era.
- It isn't just a nostalgic book about village life in England, or of two girls growing up, but it is also an ironic critique on mid-Victorian society, eventhough on the surface it appears not to be so.
- It's never boring.
- It is very beautifully written, sometimes slow, but never too slow. There are no endless backstories, or endless nothings going on (just the main character and either what they see or what they think) and the dialogue is interesting and real.
- Coming back to the word 'real', I found all the people in the book where very real. They just became alive in my imagination, and they stay alive. Wich is very important for a book to have, I think.

 I've watched the movie as well, and after reading the book, I think they did a wonderful job in keeping as true to the book as possible (and I must say, they kept very true) and the thing above (there's a name for a collection of photo's like that, only I have no idea what it is ... :\ ) really captures what the movie, and also the book, is like.

Favourite Character -

Molly Gibson. She is sweet, but she also is not afraid to stand up for others, and help them if they need it. She is kind and compassionate, a little bit of a temper here and there, and even though she does not like her stephmother (I do not like Hyacinth either) she still tries to be nice to her.

Favourite Scene - 

Actualy I can't name my favourite scene, also because I haven't completely finished the book yet, and because there are so many scenes I like, but my favourite scenes are most definitely the outside scenes where Molly is happy.

Least favourite Character - 

I have two. Mr Gibson and Mr Preston. Though Hyacinth comes close, I will always go with these two. I know Mr Gibson is Molly's father, and I am sure he loves Molly and is good and all, but I do not like him at all.
As for Mr Preston, though I felt a little sorry for him, he is just too unlikeable.

Least favourite Scene - 

Heehee. Least favourite scenes do not exist.

Well, that was a review. A review of a great, memorable book, just waiting to be read for the second or more time, and I give it five out of five stars.

Have you ever read Wives and Daughters? Or seen the movie?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear Spring

Dear Spring. How wonderful of you to come and make us happy and cheerful and wanting to go outside and just be there for no reason other then to look at the trees that become green, and the little specks of colour that appear everywhere, and the blue sky and the warm sun and the chirping of birds when we wake up.

Trees start to blossom, white and pink veils between the light green of early leaves yet to grow bigger.
(trying to be poetic here, Spring, don't mind me)

Everything has just magically become more alive, more happy, more 'what am I doing in my room? Why am I not outside?'
I wish it would always be like this.

No more jackets! No more woolen hats and scarfs! Freedom and short sleeves! (okay, maybe not just yet, but I know it's coming).

Oh, and butterflies. Last week I sat in my room and for some reason I looked outside (I always randomly look outside) and there I saw this thing fluttering in the sky. First I thought it was a leaf, and then I realised it was not, and since it was also to small to be a bird, I thus realised it was a butterfly. It is so beautiful to start seeing butterflies again, dear Spring. They are such tiny, fragile and enchanting creatures ...

And the sun. Everyday it gets a little warmer, unnoticed. I wake up with the sun shining through the curtains and making golden stripes on the wall, and it makes me feel happy. Sun does that to you. (I know there are people who really like rain, but I only like rain when it's summer, and it smells so amazing and new and fresh. Winter/Spring/Fall rain I find a little gloomy ... I wish I could like that sort of rain also, but I just don't)

Sorry for my rambling, Spring. I will continue.

Finally being able to plant things and work in the garden. Eventhough sadly I have done nothing of the sort just yet, because I was so busy with learning things that I need to know for my exams and now I shall not wander off topic AGAIN and stay on track.

Feeling like writing much and much more.

Oh, and you make the days longer. How I love it to be able to read some early in the morning without having to turn on the light, or to see the sun being all orange when I look out of my window and it's still early.

And birds. That must be the most amazing thing. Little birds everywhere, but mostly just hearing them in the morning and the evening and now I can't wait for Summer to hear them even more (sorry, dear Spring, I am a little fickle, but I truly like you, truly)

That was it, I guess. To sum it all up, I am truly happy you have come at last, dear Spring.



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Simple Questions Tag

Hello! Rachel tagged me with The Simple Questions Tag! Thanks, Rachel, I loooove tags.

-answer the questions (no obligations)

1. How does your morning starts?

Well ... There is almost never a usual time I get up, but during the week it is eight or sometimes even 7:30. Breakfast. Coffee. That usually takes a lot of time. (because I do not like the steaming hot coffee that just aches drinking ... little weird, but yes, I like my coffee to be not so hot. Warmer than lukewarm I guess you could name it.) I start studying around 9:30 to 10. That's my morning! (it's kinda lazy ... C:)

2. What's your favourite colour?

I don't really have a favourite colour, but I think it might be green (plant-green) and maybe pink and darker blues.

3. What book are you reading right now?

I am not reading a book right now (shame on me!) but the last two books I read where Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier and Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin (great books)

4. What is you opinion about having a mobile phone?

I have one ( It's white. I love white too.). To be honest I only use it to text with my sister, or friend, or mom when I am away, or they are away, and here and there a phonecall. I also take pictures with it, and I have a caculator which I use when I am too lazy to write out a really huge sum. : )
My opinion though is: do not spend the entire time on your mobile phone! Really, don't. : )

5. Your favourtie actress? (pick at least two)

I have no idea. I like a lot of actresses, but just not enough to like them, if that doesn't sound confusing ... *singing: skiiiiiip tooo the neeeeext questioooon*

6. What's your favourite movie right now?

*redoes the singing I just did*. (sorry, a lot of movies are my favourite movie. :D I can't pick)

7. Snow or rain?


8. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

That would be chocolate!
9. To which country's have you been?

Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, also Sweden (traveling to Sweden drove me through Germany and Denmark, but I don't know if that counts).

10. What are you doing mostly in the evening?

We watch a series or a movie together in the evenings. It's fun. When it's early, I read a while.

11. How old are you?


12. Which country's do you really want to visit?

England, parts of North America, Canada, Italy.

13. What's your dream career?

Does writing count as a dream career? Is so, it's being a writer. Or at least do something with language and literature.

14. If you where casted in a movie, which character would you love to play?

All kinds of persons! I would want to be part of a Period Drama. Or a Jane Austen movie (Although the thought of all the being famous makes me think about withdrawing from the cast C:)

These where all the questions. Sorry for the few photos, but it was kinda late writing this, so time to search for the perfect picture from Pinterest was not there. 
Thanks again, Rachel. I had lots of fun answering the questions!